Dec 7 - Dec 8, 2021

2021 Dubai Steel and Raw Materials Hybrid Conference

Rixos Premium JBR Luxury 5 Star Resort Hotel, Dubai, UAE

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The world's leading Steel and Raw Materials Conference

2-Day Event

Discuss the future of the global steel and raw materials market with over 8 sessions and panels over two days.

Global Players

Executives from the MENA region, CIS and Turkey would meet many delegates from North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. The whole market will meet there.

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Conference Agenda

1st Day

December 7, 2021

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Steel Industry as a Driving Force for Global Development

  • Steel industry performance and its impact on domestic and international economic development
  • Challenges for steel manufacturing post Covid-19 
  • The path towards green steel making: Decarbonization, steel production & environmental impacts
  • Response to global overcapacity
  • Success story: restructuring and modern development strategies
  • Supply chain disruption

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Projects and Investments Outlook

  • Reports by the regions and country-level: which sectors are the best to invest in? What are the potential new projects in 2022? Where is capital being driven?
  • Overcapacity vs. rising demand for new steel plant projects
  • Would leading lenders to the global steel industry continue to contribute more to the green steel projects vs other projects such as coal mines?
  • Financing the steel industry today: opportunities and threats
  • What do we anticipate the M&A market to be in 2022? Are we likely to see higher interest rates in 2022 and if so, what are the potential impacts?

Networking Lunch Break

Overview of Long Products Sector

  • Main drivers for long products market growth
  • Rebars segment benefits amid the expansion of the construction industry and increasing infrastructure projects
  • Insights into steel billets current and future demand 
  • International competition in long steel production
  • Anti-dumping vs. protection policies: what do we anticipate for the impacts of the long steel market

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Review of the Flat Steel Market

  • Current situation on the global flat steel market
  • How will the scarcity of steel slabs affect the market?
  • How will the demand from the automotive industry and ramping up the inventory levels affect the flat steel consumption?
  • Changing dynamics of flat steel capacities through the regions

2nd Day

December 8, 2021

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In Focus: Steel Raw Materials Crisis

  • Steel scrap recycling policy across the regions
  • Ferrous scrap pricing trends
  • Scrap deficit in China vs. China's plans to increase domestic scrap: how do we anticipate China's scrap imports to perform in 2022?
  • The China factor & forecast for iron ore spot prices
  • The latest developments in the iron ore industry
  • Indicators of ferroalloys production and consumption
  • Outside the box: regional alternative raw materials, yes or no?
  • Direct reduction's role in environmentally friendly steelmaking
  • DR Grade Pellets: the spike in demand vs. shortening the supply, how can this problem be resolved?

Networking Coffee Break

Analysis of Steel Trading Opportunities and Challenges

  • Regional supply chain disruption vs. trade opportunities
  • What are the strategic risk management factors facing international steel trading: perhaps more hedging? 
  • Constraints and difficulties facing modern distributors and service centres 
  • E-commerce evolution across the global steel industry
  • Trade financing and the credit crunch: Are banks tightening credit lines?

Networking Lunch Break

Finance in the Steel Industry: Steel Derivatives, Hedging and Price Risk Management

  • What are the challenges with the current price environment in the GCC? 
  • Should the steel industry be prepared for potential pricing shifts? What is the best way to hedge against vulnerability? 
  • Analyzing financial and futures markets 
  • Management of price risk using derivatives   

Networking Coffee Break

Technologies & Innovations – The Future of the Iron and Steel Industry

  • Emerging Technologies for iron and steelmaking
  • Presentation of the latest innovative solutions for the steel producers
  • The growing importance of digitalization in the steel sector
  • Next revolution in steel production: would the combination of EAF and DR be the future?
  • More need for Hydrogen to cut emissions drastically or not?
  • And what does it have to do with natural gas prices?
  • EAF: Summarizing the challenges facing DR Pellets feeds 

Closing Remarks & Announcements

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The Venue

Rixos Premium Dubai JBR

A stylish urban hotspot located in the heart of Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach Residence. Experience trendy living where iconic design meets contemporary luxury, setting up the stage for exclusive and glamorous lifestyle experiences.

Who will I meet at 2021 Dubai Steel and Raw Materials Hybrid Conference?

You will shake hands with representatives from the top steel manufacturing companies, banks and financing services companies, traders, steel end-users, contractors and fabricators, tube manufacturers, steel service centers, technology providers and logistics companies. 

Why should I join the conference?

You will meet both your commercial and learning goals: extend your networks with new partners and customers after a major supply chain disruption during the pandemic, you would also learn more about the biggest news of the industry and the trends of the market (30+ high-profile speakers).

What is the target group for this conference?

MMSteelClub launched this conference to bring all market participants from the MENA region, CIS and Turkey in the same place. However, there will be interested industry players from other regions like North America and Latin America, Europe and Asia. The whole steel world will meet at one spot.

What is a key feature of this conference?

2021 Dubai Steel and Raw Materials Hybrid Conference is distinguished by a relevant and broad agenda, C-level speakers and audiences, exceptional networking experience, unique advantages for in-person or virtual participation, etc.

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