March 1-2, 2023

2nd Green Steel Technology Conference

Stockholm, Sweden

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The Leading Regional Green Steel Technology Conference

2-Day Event

Discuss the latest innovations and the future of green steel within interactive sessions and panels.

Global Players

Global & European C-Level executives and decision-makers from the European green steel technology sector and other sectors like energy, finance, automobiles and utilities who are supporting the steel decarbonization mission and representatives from steel industry & other industries responsible for DRI strategy, plant head and producer, green steel procurements heads from mass steel consumers like automotive industry, datacenter’s and OEMs, CCUS strategy and implementations heads, hydrogen specialist in industries, scrap market leaders and traders, specialized testing lab heads and specialized mineral , monitoring equipment device producers and policymakers.

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Conference Agenda

1st DayMar 1, 2023

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From Producers’ Point of View: Implementation of New Technologies in Steel Industry

  • Practical cases illustrating how innovative technologies change the steelmaking process and steel value chain?
  • Sustainability and corporate social responsibility in green steel manufacturing
  • A future for green steel meets challenges and opportunities
  • How will decarbonization of steel reshape the entire steel supply chain?
  • Mandatory international and regional policy frameworks for steelmaking green transformation

Networking Coffee Break

Solutions Providers’ Offerings in the Race to Produce Green Steel

  • Recent approaches which can help to reach net zero
  • How to strive toward net-zero targets and reduce cost at the same time?
  • Presenting the most effective ways to decarbonize steel industry

Networking Lunch Break

Change is coming: Hydrogen is a New Coal

  • Real potential of hydrogen in steel manufacturing
  • Role of electricity for industry decarbonisation
  • Nuclear hydrogen is about to hold the position of the least cost route to large scale clean hydrogen production
  • How can green hydrogen help industry escape natural-gas crises?
  • Renewable energy facilitates sustainable steel production

Networking Coffee Break

Steel Consumers Increase Demand for Greener Steel

  • Automakers want sustainable steel to meet their own climate targets
  • Are end users ready to pay a premium for green steel?
  • Analyzing possible restructuring of steel consuming industries and shift in geography of steel production and distribution

Cocktail Reception

2nd DayMar 2, 2023

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Towards Industry 4.0: The Digital Era of Steel

  • Digitalization technologies open significant opportunities for steel decarbonization
  • Artificial intelligence in the fight against climate change
  • Analytics and creativity become an integral part of the steel value chain
  • Real value from digital transformation in steel industry
  • Roadmap of integrated intelligent steel manufacturing

Networking Coffee Break

Decarbonization Challenge: Raw Materials In Focus

  • Environmental modernization of global iron and steel industry
  • New technologies for DRI and EAF production
  • Perspectives of scrap utilization and optimization
  • Progress of steelmaking techniques and improvements for BF/BOF
  • Comparing decarbonization potential of different steel and iron making technologies

Networking Lunch Break

Innovative Solutions for Stainless Steel

  • Stainless steel – sustainable, durable and 100% recyclable
  • Proven technologies to reduce the carbon footprint
  • Optimizing material & process selection in stainless steel manufacturing
  • What are available methods to achieve decarbonization ambition?

Networking Coffee Break

Responsible Investments into Steel Industry Transition

  • Role of finance institutions in the process of transition to green steel
  • Examining sustainability-linked financing and Green Bonds
  • What are the challenges associated with funding a zero-carbon future for steel?
  • Importance of financing and joint efforts in order to support green steel projects

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Who will I meet at the 2nd Green Steel Technology Conference?

You will shake hands with representatives from the top steel manufacturing companies, technology suppliers, representatives of integrated steel plants, rolling mills, re-rollers, pipe makers, service centers, mini mills and other consumers of technology and innovation.

Why should I join the conference?

You will meet both your commercial and learning goals: extend your networks with new partners and customers after a major supply chain disruption during the pandemic and you will also learn more about the biggest news concerning steel making technology and innovation (18+ high-profile speakers).

What is the target group for this conference?

MMSteelClub launched this conference to bring all green steel technology suppliers and consumers in the same place. However, there will be interested industry players who are looking into innovations or expanding their production lines from North America, Europe, MENA, CIS, Latin America and Asia.

What is a key feature of this conference?

The 2nd Green Steel Technology Conference is distinguished by a relevant and broad agenda, C-level speakers and audiences, exceptional networking experience, unique advantages for in-person participation.

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Previous Speakers Include

Adalberto Parreira
Executive Director
Alejandro Wagner
Alejandro Wagner
Executive Director
Alfonso Figueroa
Sales Director Duferco México
Anders Lehman
Business Development & Deputy Head of Metallurgy
Andreas du Plessis
Managing Director
Andrés Barceló
Andrés Barceló
Director General
Andrew Lichter
Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Development
Andrey Laptev
Director of Business Development and Corporate Venture Projects
Antonio Carlos Rosset Filho
Commercial Director Latin America
Attaul Ahmad
Vice President of the Ferrous & Heat Transfer business line
Binay Kumar Choudhary
Industry Consultant
Carsten Riek
Carsten Riek
Head of European Steel & Mining Research
Chandrashekhar Rane
Industry Technical Consultant & Primary Metal Lead - IMEA
Cheong Jin Yu
Chris Heuschkel
General Manager - Manufacturing
Chris Shipp
Vice President Supply Chain
Craig Haymaker
Chief Operating Officer
Denis Gomes
Director – Supply Chain & Metallics